Returning to Freud: A Reading and Consultation Group

Earlier this year, a new publication was released entitled, A Clinical Introduction to Freud: Techniques for Everyday Practice, by Bruce Fink. Fink is considered to be one of the foremost translators into English of the work of Jacques Lacan. In this recent publication, much like Lacan himself, Fink returns to Freud – at least, he asks his readers to honestly do so. In the text, Fink (re)introduces his readers to the nuance of psychoanalytic technique and its perennial relevance. Readers are also provided with a list of essential readings from Freud, which – along with Lacan – serve as the foundation for Fink’s writing. The Harrisonburg Center for Psychoanalysis will take the opportunity created by this publication to form a group consisting of clinicians and trainees who are interested in studying psychoanalytic technique. The group will read Fink’s text, as well as the readings from Freud that he suggests. In this group, clinicians and trainees will also have the opportunity to discuss relevant clinical material and receive consultation from a psychoanalytic perspective. The group will be free, but members are responsible for accessing Fink’s text. A digital copy of Freud’s work will be provided for those who need it. If you are interested in participating, please contact Nate Koser, PhD, LPC at for more details.


Fall 2017

The Harrisonburg Center for Psychoanalysis would like to announce that there will be a number of activities, which will be organized during the Fall of 2017. You can expect an on-going seminar (topics under consideration are: sexuality, psychoanalytic practice, the act, and ethics in the clinic), and a day-long conference to be held the weekend of November 3 (details to be announced soon). There are also other possibilities, and these will be announced as they are formulated. We look forward to beginning our work again, and to inspiring collaboration with all of those interested. Please contact Nate Koser, PhD, LPC regarding any questions you may have, or to inquire further about these events!

Upcoming Event!

Upcoming Event with Gabriela Zorzutti: On Trauma

*Friday, October 28, 2016*

The Harrisonburg Center for Psychoanalysis would like to announce an upcoming, co-sponsored event with the Eastern Mennonite University: Master of Arts in Counseling program. We will once again be hosting Gabriela Zorzutti – Lacanian psychoanalyst, director of the Clinical College of Colorado, and Psychoanalyst Member of the School of Psychoanalysis of the International of the Forums of the Lacanian Field – to engage us all in a conversation regarding a psychoanalytic perspective on trauma. More details are forthcoming, but please reserve the date! If you are interested in participating, in any way, please contact Nate Koser, PhD, LPC. He can be reached at: Also, Follow us online at, and on Twitter® @HCPS1.


Nate Koser, PhD, LPC has been admitted as a psychoanalyst member of the School of Psychoanalysis of the Forums of the Lacanian Field (EPFCL). With this membership, Nate will become involved in the continual development of Lacanian psychoanalysis within a School established according to the principles outlined by Lacan himself.  

Formation, Ethics of Desire

Please consult the abstract below regarding the event to take place on Saturday, 9 April from 9:00am – 12:00pm EST. Contact Nate Koser at for information regarding attendance.

Traditionally in psychoanalysis the training has been considered something inseparable to the experience. Freud stressed this with the famous figure of the tripod conformed by the study of theory, the supervision of the clinical practice, or control analysis, and the analysis of the analyst. In the US where the transmission of Psychoanalysis is mainly dominated by the IPA and its institutes and societies, this training became standardized as well as the practice of analysis. Now how can we think of standardizing experience? We will approach the formation of the analyst from its practice. Analysis is an experience of the Unconscious. So that one is then experienced …ou pire.

Gabriela Zorzutti, Lacanian analyst, founder member and delegate of the Colorado Analytic Forum of the Lacanian Field, founder and director of the Clinical College of Colorado ( Gabriela is also a Member of the School of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Field. She is a Doctoral Researcher for the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and has recently co authored a book titled Actually, Lacan. She has presented papers and organised conferences in Washington DC, Denver, Buenos Aires, Rio du Janeiro, Paris, Rome and Warsaw, and is in private practice in Denver and Washington DC.

Upcoming Event!

On April 9, Lacanian psychoanalyst, member of the Colorado Analytic Forum of the Lacanian Field, and founder of the Clinical College of Colorado, Gabriela Zorzutti will be coming to Harrisonburg to deliver a presentation on the topic of psychoanalytic formation. More details to come! If you are interested in attending please contact Nate Koser

Film Event: À Ciel Ouvert (Like an Open Sky)

This announcement serves as an invitation to the next co-sponsored film event in the series. Please join the members of the Harrisonburg Center for Psychoanalysis, and those from Eastern Mennonite University’s Master of Arts in Counseling program as we view the 2013 production, À Ciel Ouvert (Like an Open Sky), by the director Mariana Otero. Along with viewing the film, we will hear responses from those who have agreed to deliver them, and engage one another in a discussion. I have included here the official synopsis of the film: “Alysson considers her body with mistrust. Evanne spins and twists until he collapses. Amina can’t manage to make words come out of her mouth. On the Franco-Belgian border, there’s a unique place that takes in children with mental and social problems. Day after day, the adults try to understand the enigma that each one of them represents and invent the solutions that will help them to live in peace. Through their stories, (Like an Open Sky) reveals their singular vision of the world to us.” Please join in on what is sure to be an intriguing event.*Event will take place: Friday 18 March at 6:00pm.